Science Exhibition in the City.


Pune, November 26. 

The ten-day Science exhibition which was organised by the education officer of the Municipal Council ended yesterday to a grand success. Over the ten-day period, students of classes VIII,IX and X were invited to present working models on various scientific concepts. The  'Rainwater Harvesting' model was adjudged the best. Many innovative and well-prepared models caught the attention of the visitors as well as the organiser. Among the various items, the use of laser technology in the field of culture, entertainment and medical field was highlighted. 

The Chief Guest, Dr Narverkar, Senior Assistant and Scientist visited the site on the last day and was present till the end of the closing ceremony. Being highly impressed with the efforts made by the teaching faculty and the students, he declared an incentive to schools from the next academic year. The Science exhibition, according to a great majority, was so far the most marvellous one ever held in the city.

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