Read the following graph regarding ‘High Awareness but Little Action’ about organ donation. Write a paragraph based on it in about 120 words:

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 1.45.11 PM.png

Ans.  The column graph presented in the question shows the percentage of awareness of people deeming it right to donate organs, some during life and some after life, to the mankind. At the most 86%, in each category, of the people are aware that they should donate eyes and kidney. 46 % of people believe that heart donation is a noble donation, which can take place just before death of a person. 37 % of people believe that they should donate liver. While 9% of people are aware of donating intestine, only 7% are aware of donating pancreas. At the least 8% of people believe that they should donate all the organs to the mankind before or after death. Though there is awareness on it, there is less action on it!

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