Prepare a paragraph to be used for the Counter –View Section on the following topic (about 120 words)

‘Study says homework does not help students score better grades.’

Ans. Counterview:
Homework can’t guarantee all-round development of a child as in most instances, it is either the parents or reference books, internet and peer group/friends who assist children in completing their home assignments, journals and projects. A result-oriented education system focuses more on marks; students copy the best or plagiarize and present the most beautiful without much of efforts. A student learns to inculcate values like team spirit and wholeness only when he/she interacts with a group, which is possible only in a classroom. Class work should be highly interactive and provide more freedom and exercise to practice their real skills. Direct purposeful experiments, discussions, debates, projects and activities generate lot of understanding and rich experience. Students look forward to teachers to get the best guidance which is not possible in the form of homework.

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