Outline: all schoolchildren need recreation and relaxation after hours of study – games provide recreation – children return refreshed to their studies – games help to keep healthy – develop strong muscles – games help to develop the team spirit – teach discipline and cooperation.

There is a proverb which says “All work, and no play, makes Jack a dull, boy.” The proverb shows how important games are in the lives of children. It would be boring for schoolchildren to study all the time. They need recreation and relaxation. Games provide them with recreation. They give rest to the mind. After playing games, children return refreshed to their studies. They can study with renewed vigour.

Physical health is necessary to enjoy mental health. To maintain physical health, children need the exercise provided by games. So games help boys and girls to keep good health and develop a healthy body.   

Games help children to develop the team spirit. They learn to co-operate with other children in playing team games. This gives them the habit of discipline. Being disciplined and co-operative will make them good citizens when they grow up. As games have several advantages, they should be made compulsory for school children.

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