Outline: Glamorous to villagers – many comforts and attractions better houses and entertainments – hardship and difficulties – evil influences.

City life appears glamorous to villagers. They are dazzled by the bright lights, the broad roads and palatial buildings in a city.

The city has many comforts and attractions. City houses are very comfortable. They have electric lights and tap water. They have geysers and tube lights, fans and lifts, and flooring made of mosaic tiles. Some buildings are also have their own lawns and gardens.

There are many grand cinema houses in a city. Most of them are air-conditioned. Even if it is very hot outside, you can always enjoy a cinema in cool comfort. There are big restaurants and hotels too where  one can enjoy all kinds of eastern and western dishes.

City life is enjoyable only to those who have a lots of money. Life is very hard for the poor man who comes to the city in search of a job. He has to live in crowded conditions. He climbs many flights of stairs. He has hardly any living space. He spends much of his time travelling to and from his place of work. He has no rest or peace of mind. He can look forward to an outing with his family only on Sundays and public holidays. To workers in mills and factories life becomes a dull and mechanical affair. He does his job without any interest just because he has to earn a living. They have no fresh air and cannot enjoy a sight of the beauty of nature.

There are evil influences in a city. People might fall into bad company. They might learn to drink, gamble, pickpocket or even commit murder and robbery. So city life has its bad points as well as its good ones.

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