Your class has recently conducted a photograph exhibition on your school grounds.

 After the exhibition, you wish to express your thanks to the person who judged the exhibits. Write a letter to him/her:


XYZ (Std X C)

SIWS High School,



6th March 2014



Mr Sulthan,

Digi-Cam Photograph Studio,

RST Road,



Subject: Letter of thanks


Dear Mr Sulthan,


It was a great pleasure and privilege to have you as a judge for our school photograph exhibition held on 4th March 2014. You spent your valuable time in judging, what in your opinion, must surely have been amateurish work.


However, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming personally and giving us not only your valuable judgement, but also your opinions. Your speech during the prize-giving was truly educational, inspirational and motivating. Your very presence gave our exhibition a stature and dignity that we did not think was possible.


We hope that you will help us out similarly in the future whenever we conduct such exhibitions.


Thanking you once again,


Yours sincerely,

XYZ (Std. X C)

(Cultural Secretary)

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