You forget your bag on a long distance train.

Write a letter to the superintendent, the Lost Property Office, of the local railway station stating particulars of the train and its arrival and a description of the lost bag.


7G, Rainbow Colony,

M.G. Road, Dharavi,


25th March 2014.



The Superintendent,

Lost Property Office,

Miraj Railway Station,

Miraj- 416410.


Subject: Complaint regarding lost property


Dear Sir/Madam,


I forgot one of my bags in the second class compartment of the Miraj Express which arrived at Miraj Railway Station this morning (25th March ). It was lying on my seat number 48 in coach S3. It is a dark green VIP Sky bag. Unfortunately, it does not bear my name. However, there is a green file in it which has my name on it. The bag also contains my clothes and some other personal belongings.


May I request you to make the necessary inquiries and let me know whether the bag has been found, and, if so, when I can call on you to collect it? 


Yours faithfully,


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