[English] Chapter 2 : The Tie that does not Bind

Q. Answer the following :

1. What was the writer always asked to do when gone abroad?
A. The writer was asked to bring something back whenever he was      abroad.

2. What did Gilson want the writer to bring for him?
A. Gilson wanted the writer to bring him a tie with a 'G' on it.

3. When did the writer remember to buy something for Gilson?
A. The writer remembered to buy the tie on the last day of the trip.

4. Why did the writer pick up all the ten ties?
A. The writer picked up all ten ties because he was in a hurry and        didn't have time to make change.

5. Why was the taxi driver waiting in the next street?
A. The driver was waiting in the next street because parking was        prohibited in the first street.

6. Why were the other passengers gazing at the writer?
A. The other passengers were glaring at the writer because due to     his lateness the flight was delayed.

7. Why did the writer pay double the fare?
A. The writer was in a hurry and the driver was not ready to wait till    the tie was purchased. So the writer offered double the fare to        him.

8. What is the climax of the incident?
A. The climax is that after going through such a tiresome search for    the tie, the writer ended up forgetting it in the taxi. 

9. What makes you laugh in this incident?
A. The whole incident is funny but the part I enjoyed the most was     the frantic search and the climax.

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