[English] Chapter 1: Television

Q. Answer the following :

1. Why shouldn't we install a TV?
A. We shouldn't install TV because children become addicted to it.

2. How long do children watch TV?
A. Children watch TV until their eyes pop out.

3. What other activities do children avoid while watching TV?
A. Children avoid reading, playing outdoor etc. while watching TV.

4. What happens when children spend most time watching TV?
A. Children get hypnotized by TV when they watch it continuously.

5. Which power is lost due to excessive TV watching?
A. Power of imagination is lost due to excessive TV watching.

6. How does one's brain turn out to be?
A. One's brain turns out to be as soft as cheese and dull.

7. What does poet suggest to stop children from watching TV?
A. Poet suggests installing a book-shelf instead of TV.

8. Why does poet call the TV 'monster'?
A. TV is a monster because it hypnotizes children's minds into            watching it continuously and possesses them.

9. What other activities can keep children occupied?
A. Activities like reading books can keep children occupied.

10. What types of books do you read in free time?
A. I read books of famous authors and I prefer fiction over other       books like biographies etc.

11. Why is excessive TV watching harmful?
A. Excessive TV watching causes eye problems, deteriorates                imagination skills and hampers reading habits.

12. What does the poet promise?
A. The poet promises that children will develop reading habits just     about a week after installing a bookshelf.

13. When will children develop reading habits?
A. Children will develop reading habits when they feel absence of        TV and have nothing else to do.

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