Your friend has written to say that he/she finds it very difficult to concentrate on his/her studies. Write a letter of advice to him/her.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G.Road, Dharavi,
7th December 2013

Dear Sachin,

I read your letter with great surprise. I cannot believe that you are finding it difficult to concentrate on studies. Is this the same Sachin I knew two years ago when I was living Baramathi? I am just trying to figure out why there is such a change in you!

If you cannot concentrate on studies, it means that you have other distractions. If it is not films, then it must be friends. So one good thing would be to say goodbye to your distractions. It could also mean that you may have picked up some bad habits such as smoking or gambling. I pray to God that this may not be the case, but if it, then please give it up immediately.

You have always been my very best friend and I wouldn’t be able to bear seeing you spoiling your own life. Your future and prosperity are of great concern to me.

Our examinations are fast approaching. We need to put in a lot of efforts and do well. Do write to me soon.

Meanwhile, I wish you all the best.

Your loving friend,