You had a quarrel with your friend. Write him/her a letter patching it up. Apologize to him/her.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G.Road, Dharavi,
3rd April 2014

Dear Satish,

Believe me, I’m awfully sorry for what happened yesterday.

I picked a quarrel with you on our way home from school. I accused you of having complained to the teacher that it was I who had drawn the cartoon on the blackboard.

I now realize how rude I was to you. I even threatened you with a sound thrashing. Satish, I made a senseless fool of myself. Let me now tell you that it was Ravi who had poisoned my ears against you. All our classmates are saying that Ravi is in the habit of lying and mischief-making. I actually overheard him telling his friends that he greatly enjoyed the sight of the two of us quarreling.

Forgive me, dear Satish for my misbehavior and rudeness. And how very sportsman-like your behaviour was contrast to mine! You bore the insults in a cool and dignified manner. You spoke not a harsh word in return. I feel very small and ashamed of myself now. I feel so horrible that I cannot bring myself to meet you. Hence I am writing this letter. Please accept my sincere apology.

I hope you will forget this incident and pardon me. Let bygones be bygones. Let us be good friends once again. On my part, I assure you that I shall never behave in this manner again.

Your loving friend,


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