Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for the help he provided your family during his stay at your place.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M. G. road, Dharavi,

Dear uncle,

Let me fist of all say a really big ‘thank you’ to you from the bottom of my heart for the help and comfort you provided us during your stay here.

Daddy being abroad, I would never have been able to cope with Mummy’s illness the way you did. You were like an angle in disguise. Had you not been here to help us, Mummy’s illness might have grown worse. You came here intending to spend a few days in rest and relaxation. I am really  sorry  that it turned out to be such  a tense time. You had to make trips to the hospital every day with all of us, taking turns to be with mother.

I have written to Daddy about your wonderful and timely help during this very trying time. You came to us like a Good Samaritan. All of us, including mother, thank you very muchfor what you have done for us.

Your loving niece,


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