Your younger brother, who is staying in a hostel, has failed in the terminal Examination.

He is so depressed that he is thinking of giving up studies altogether. Write a letter dissuading him from taking such a step, and encouraging him to strive hard for success.

7G, Rainbow colony,
M. G. Road, Dharavi,
Mumbai – 17.
3rd November 2013
My dear Ajith,

I was really shocked to hear from mother that you have failed in the terminal examination. But what shocks me even more is your idea to give up studies altogether. Can this be the same Ajith I once knew? The very same Ajith who used to work so hard and top his class? If a boy like gives up studies in this manner, then what should the rest of us do?
Obviously you are indulging in unnecessary self-pity and are refusing to meet the failure squarely in the face. Every failure has some causes. Have you asked yourself why you have failed? As it appears to me, your careless approach towards study has landed you in this terrible mess. At the worst, you might have got into bad company and acquired some bad habits.

It is my earnest advice that you take stock of the situation, shake off any bad habit that you may have acquired and get back to your old way of thinking and working. You have a good brain. Treat this failure as a stepping stone to success. Remember, without proper education you will come to nothing in this highly  competitive world. Get rid of your self-pity and look forward to the future. We are all with you. Any help that I can personally give is yours for the asking.

Do write to soon.

Your loving brother,


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