Write a letter to an Educational Trust, making a request for grant of a scholarship to enable you to join a college.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G. Road, Dharavi,
20th June 2013

The Secretary,
National Educational Trust,
Homi Bhabha Street,

Subject: Request for scholarship

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have just passed the SSC Examination of the Pune Divisional Board. I have secured a first class with distinction, scoring 85% marks. I am very keen on continuing my studies. I want to join a science college as I want to become an engineer. Unfortunately, my father earns just Rs. 6000 per month and has to support a family of five. He simply can’t afford to send me to college.

I understand that your Trust helps deserving and needy students to pursue higher studies. I hope you will consider this application of mine sympathetically. I am willing to accept a loan, returnable after I finish my studies and get a job. If there are any prescribed forms to be filled in for the purpose, please send them across to me.

I enclose a certified copy of my SSC marksheet and two letters of recommendation, one from Mr ABC, our local MLA, and the other from my principal.

Awaiting your favourable replay,

Yours faithfully,

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