Who uses TALLY?

Basic knowledge of accounting is required.

TALLY  is addressed to the ACCOUNTANT. By an ACCOUNTANT, We  mean  the  person(s)  connected  with  accounts in any manner you  could  be  the  owner,  the  Financial  Controller, Chief Accountant,  member  of  the  Planning  team,the Manager, the Auditor or anyone who is  affected  by   nd  interested  in Accounts of the organisation. TALLY  assumes  some  basic   theoretical   knowledge  of  accounts,  principally   in   the  understanding of accounting terminology. This means that you should be  able  to distinguish between Sundry Debtors and Creditors, Assets  and  Liabilities,  Debit  and Credit, capital and Revenue, and  other  such  mundane  items.  The person actually entering the vouchers  should  be  able  to  understand the use of To and By in books  of  accounts,  and  recognise  the  differences  between  the  journal  Payments,   Contra  vouchers, etc The principles in TALLY are simple enough for novice  to  LEARN   accounting.  If you are affected by Accounts (as an  owner  or  manager),  but  have not personally done accounts, you can  still  use  TALLY   effectively  for your operations and at the same  time  become  accustomed to accounting methods and decisions.

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