How to Start TALLY

Make sure that TALLY Lock is attached on the printer port and type the following commands:-

    C: Enter
    Cd \TALLY  Enter
    TALLY  Enter

You  may  use  Upper-case  or  Lower-case  letters  for  typing  above commands.  You should type these commands at the MS-DOS, prompt  (i.e. when  MS-DOS is waiting for instructions). If the above method  fails, check the following:-

*   Whether TALLY Lock is properly attached on a working printer port.
*   Whether TALLY has been installed.
*   Are you in the drive on which TALLY was installed? It is  possible     that  TALLY was installed on drive D and you are trying the  above     in drive C.

If these are correct, then only a Hardware or Operating System problem can result in a failure.

Advanced  Users: It is possible to run TALLY by correctly setting  the MS-DOS  command  search  PATH.  This would  remove  the  necessity  of performing  the  "CD  \TALLY" step. (Check the  usage  in  the  MS-DOS manual for environment variable and the use of PATH for further help).


Note:  TALLY  CANNOT BE STARTED BY ANY OTHER NAME. Thus,  the  command TALLY,  \TALLY  or  C:TALLY  may not  work  or  behave  unpredictably.

Renaming the program will also render it unusable.


Use the ENTER key to accept an operation or enter into the details  of an item.

Use  the  ESC key to carried an operation or return  to  the  previous screen.

The  Enter and Esc are the two most important and widely used keys  in TALLY.

Use the Up Arrow Key and Down Arrow Key to move the cursor and  select an item, say, a voucher.

Use the function keys, F1 to F10 as instructed on the screens.

The Ctrl and Alt Keys, in combination with the function keys, are used for  controlling the range of the report displays, output methods  and advanced usage of TALLY.

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