Your school has set up a society for the detection of cases of child labour in Your town.

Write a report of about 20 lines on the measures adopted to detect such cases, the support you have received and the success of the programme.

Society for Detection of cases of child Labour

          August 28 : A special society was formed on August 5 by a team of students of The General English High School, to detect cases of child labour in the town . It was not an easy task and stiff opposition came chiefly from those who employed children to work in their establishments . The society surveyed the situation in restaurants , small business enterprises and at the railway station . Many cases were also detected along the creek where loading and unloading of goods from boats was a major business .

          Members of the Senior Citizens’ Forum rendered their  wholehearted support . Their presence was very helpful while visiting the homes of the children concerned . The persuaded  to send their children  to school . The help of the town Municipal School has been sought for their admission . Five children have already been admitted to this school . But the total number of cases detected is over 1000 . the society  faces a challenging task ahead.

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