You have recently visited a science exhibition on Environmental Pollution organized by the Education Department

Where a number of charts , models , slides , etc . were displayed . Prepare a report of about 20 lines for the school magazine , appreciating the work of the students concerned .

                          Science Exhibition on Tilak Grounds  

          Pune , February 10 : The Science Exhibition on Environmental Pollution organized by the Education Department of Pune was both informative and edifying . It was held on the Tilak Grounds . There were about 15 stalls in all featuring various aspects  of Environmental Pollutions . Charts , models and slides were used to provide information about land pollution , water pollution and air pollution .

          There was one section on noise pollution . One section featured acid rain and showed how it was caused by gases  emitted by motor vehicles , factories and power plants that burn coal or oil . It's terrible effects on lakes , streams , marine life and drinking water were vividly illustrated . There was one section on ‘ Recycling ‘ as a means of controlling pollution .

          Interesting ways of recycling cans , newspapers glass bottles were explained . The student volunteers various schools  were well  - informed  and explained procedures and processes with confidence . The exhibition opened the eyes of the visitors to the terrible crimes we are committing against our planet in the name of progress . It also convincingly brought out the fact that mankind is slowly but surely moving towards its own doom and destruction .


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