July 2015 Board Paper History and Political Science

2015 July Board Paper History and Political Science

Q1. A. Complete the following statements by choosing the correct alternatives from those given in the brackets: (3)
1. Portuguese King ________ motivated the navigation.
(Henry, William, Nicholas)

2. Balkan area was a part of _______ empire.
(Germany’s, Austria’s, Turkey’s)

3. Krantisinha Nana Patil established Parallel Government in _______ district.
(Solapur, Sangli, Satara)

B. Match the terms from Column ‘A’ to the terms of Column ‘B’ correctly: (3)
Column ‘A’
Column ‘B’
I. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
a. German Thinker
Ii. Kemal Pasha
(b) Father of Missiles Programmes in India.
Iii. Karl Marx
(c) The father of People of Turkey (Ataturk)

(d) French Thinker

Q2. Answer the following questions in 25 to 30 words each: (any two) (4)

Q3. Give reasons for the following statements in 25 to 30 words each. (any two) (4)

Q4. Answer the following questions in 40 to 50 words each: (any 2) (6)

Q5. Answer the following questions in 60 to 80 words each: (any two) (8)

Q6. Fill in the blanks using the correct alternative from the brackets: (3)

1. Parliamentary democracy exists in England and ________ (India, China, Italy, America)

2. The claim that we are superior to other creates ______________
(equality, conflict, inequality, mutual understanding)

3. __________ is a primary political activity.
( Criticizing the government, Deciding the Policies, Voting, Attending meetings. )

Q7. Answer the following question in one sentence each: (any three) 3.

1. What term is used as ‘Plebiscite’?

Ans. Plebiscite means popular vote on vital public issues, where in the decision is taken by the citizens.

2. What great leader did Tarabai Shinde’s Family follow?

Ans. Tarabai Shinde’s family was a follower of great leader Mahatma Phule.

3. What is the core of democracy?

Ans. People’s participation is the core of democracy.

4. What is the average voting percentage in the Lok Sabha Elections in India?

Ans. The average voting percentage in the election to the Lok Sabha is 58%.

5. For what reason is the Government required to take extra caution about the security of the people?

Ans. The government has to take extra caution about the security of the people to curb organised crime and terrorism.

Q8. State with reason whether the following statements are true or false: (any two) (4)

1. People who share common political opinion form a political party.
Ans. The above statement is true.
  1. Those who share common opinions on public issues come together to form a political party.
  2. Each political party has its own policy or programme.

2. We find completely homogeneous society in India.
Ans. The above statement is false.
  1. People belonging to different caste, community, region and culture live in India.
  2. There is diversity of languages in India.

3. In the United States, there are no restriction on citizens holding arms.
Ans. The above statement is true.
  1. The American constitution upholds the right to life and personal liberty.
  2. It has granted the right to hold arms to the citizens.

Q. 9. Answer any one of the following question in 25 to 30 words: [2]

1. ‘People feel affinity towards the political parties’. Explain.

  1. People believe that political parties will solve their day - to - day problems.
  2. Political parties try to satisfy the demands of the people.

2. Write the important features of democracy.

Ans. The important features of democracy are:

  1. Rulers are elected by the people. The final decision making powers are in the hands of the elected representatives.
  2. Elections are conducted in free and fair atmosphere.
  3. There is universal Adult Franchise and each vote has equal value.
  4. Fundamental Right and Freedom of the people are protected.

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