Write a letter to your friend, recommending to him a book that has appealed to you.

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Mumbai- 17.

MY dear  Najma,

            You ‘ ve asked me to send some detective novels. I’m sending two detective navels by Agatha christie and Alan baton’s ‘Cry, the Beloved country'. I decided to send the last novel, because I recently read it and was very much impressed with it. ’Cry, the Beloved country’ gives an authentic  picture of life in south Africa. It shows how ,mainly as a result of the policy of racial discrimination followed  by  the white rulers , there is so much poverty, hatred, fear, and crime in that unfortunate country. The novel portrays  the sufferings of stephen Kumalo, a man of deep religious faith; but the personal  sorrows of Kumalo stem from racial hatred and exploitation. Every page bears witness to the  writer’s deep love for his country  and sorrow for its present condition.

            Alan Paton's style is remarkably simple , but capable of subtle effects. His English is influenced by the idiom of African languages.

            I strongly recommended this book to you .If you learn to come under the spell of such novels, you’ll not hanker after detective fiction. Please let me know response to this novel.
Yours ever,      


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