Write a letter to your friend, requesting him to return a book which you lent him long ago.

No.7G, Rainbow Colony,
MG Road, Dharavi,
Mumbai – 17.

My dear Jinnah,

            Ages have passed since you wrote to me last. I can’t figure out what you are so busy with, Incidentally, you must have finished reading  Tolstoy’s War and Peace long ago.

            You must have read Charles Lamb’s delightful essay, ‘ The Two Races of Men.’  The two races of men are the borrower and lenders. Having dealt with the borrowers  and  lenders of money and complimented the borrowers as the noble r race, he goes on to speak of the borrowers and lenders of books. Among the greatest borrowers of books was Coleridge who often forgot to return the books  he borrowed; but whenever he returned them, he did so with interest, that is, with valuable comments scribbed in the margin.

            You seem to belong to the greater race of borrowers. If, like Coleridge, you are going to return my book enriched  with your marginal notes, you may keep it a few weeks longer ; otherwise kindly return it to me as early as possible.

            May I remind you that you owe me not only a book but a letter written in your inimitable style ?

Yours loving,


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