Verbs – Tenses

Identify the verb in the following sentences and state the tense in which each verb is:

1.I have been asked to bring back a vaccine for horse. 
   Have been asked – Present Perfect

2.They began at about quarter past one in the morning.
    began  - Simple  Past

3.The lady seems hysterical.
   Seems – Simple Present

4.Grandfather shot him.
   Shot – Simple Past

5.It falls and becomes one with the earth.
    Falls – Simple Present, become – Simple Present

6.Very few flower sellers were willing to provide bilva leaves.
   Were willing – Past Progressive

7.There is also the Garden of Eden for housing plants sacred to Christianity.
   Is – Simple – present

8.The story keeps talking twists and turns.
    Keeps – Simple Present

9.I have watched him transform from a timid doubting child to a strong happy player.
   Have watched – Present Perfect

10.I am sure she will stay focused.
    am – Simple Present, will stay – Simple Future

11.India has committed itself to reducing its carbon emission.
     has committed – Present Perfect

12.India account for only one percent of the global market.
      Accounts – Simple Present

13.Science accepts any ideas as truth only after it has been considered from every angle.
     accepts – Simple Present, has been considered – Present Perfect

14.We have inherited a vast body of truths.
     have inherited -  Present Perfect

15.I was fulfilling my karma.
     was fulfilling – Past Progressive

16.They lack colour
    lack – Simple Present

17.I am not expressing disinterest in work.
     am (not) expressing – Present Progressive

18.I have never found it difficult to talk to anyone.
     have (never) found – Present Perfect

19.Henna comes in different shades.
comes – Simple Present

20.I doubt I’ll ever be able to match.
     doubt – Simple Present, will be – Simple Future

21.If you perform well, then I will continue.       
      perform – Simple Present, will continue – Simple Future

22.The private sector was also growing.
      was – Simple Past

23.Part of the answer lies in setting up the right system.
     lies -  Simple Present

24.I have also taken up the cleaning of six temples.
     have taken -  Present Perfect

25.Then Dechen’s shoe had got stuck to a plastic wrapper.

   had got – Past Perfect  

Rewrite the following sentences using the correct form of the verb as indicated in the brackets.

1.The taxi (to vanish – past Perfect) taking my suitcase.
   The taxi had vanished taking my suitcase.

2.I( to stop – Past Perfect ) just out of the bathtub.
    I had just stepped out of the bathtub.

3.She ( to fling – Simple past ) up a window.
    She flung up a window.

4.Clouds ( to hang – Simple Past ) black and low.
   Clouds hung black and low.

5.It ( to leave  - Simple Past ) us thinking.
    It left us thinking.

6.Remember, this too ( to pass – Simple Future )
   Remember, this too shall pass.

7.When we gently (to press – Simple Present ) the petals of these flowers, the glands ( to burst – Simple Future )
   When we gently press the petals of these flowers, the glands will burst.

8.He ( to want – Simple Present ) to create Brihat Panchvati.
    He wants to create a Brihat Panchvati.

9.You ( to kindle – PresentPerfect ) in them a desire to exel.
   You have kindled in them a desire tr exel.

10.As a player, Saina ( to improve – Present Perfect ) consistently over a period of time .
    As a player Saina, has improved consistently over a period of time.

11.The Indian banks (to insist – Present Progressive ) on financing the solar power project.
The Indian banks are insisting on financing the solar power project.

12.I (to study – Simple Past ) under street lights.
      I studied under street lights.

13.We (to do – Simple Past ) research that was published in top international journals.
   We did research that was published in top international journals.

14.Human behaviours ( to evolve – Present Perfect ) over thousands of generation.
     Human behaviours have evolved over thousands of generations.

15.Europe ( to forget – Present perfect ) it but India still (to use – Simple Present ) it
     Europe has forgotten it but India still uses it.

16.His knowledge (to include-simple present) varied subjects.
      His knowledge includes varied subjects.

17. This (to last –simple present)only as long as the glue (to stay – simple present)
      This lasts only as long as the glue stays.

18.she (to teach – simple past )me to read .
      She taught me to read.

19. I (to shut – simple past )my eyes again.
     I shut my eyes  again.
20.After filling it, we (to hurry – simple past)doen.
      After filling it,we hurried down.

21.No school education ever (to make – simple present perfect) an impression on me.
     No school education has ever made an impression on me.

22.His lone endeavour (to make – Simple Past)me realize it all.
     His lone endeavour made me realise it all.

23.Life (to get – past progressive)better.
     Life was getting better.

24.Kunzang  (to survey –present perfect progressive) the area.
     Kunzang has been surveying the area.

25.They (to see – past perfect) it often enough.
      They had seen it often enough.