3.1 Suburbs


"I celebrate the virtues and vices

of suburban middle-class people

who overwhelm the refrigerator

and position colourful umbrellas

near the garden that longs for a pool:

for my middle-class brother

the principle of supreme luxury:

what are you and what am I, and we go on deciding

the real truth in this world.

Answer the following Questions.

Q. 1 What is a middle-class man's principle of luxury?

Ans:A middle-class man's principle of luxury is to have refrigerator, a big garden with swimming pool.

Q.2 What difference do you see between rich class and middle class?

Ans: The rich class can enjoy the luxuries of life easily. But middle class people have to just dream about it.

Q.3 Symbolic use of words makes the expression pointed. Give one example?

Ans: The poem has many symbolic words such as refrigerator, colourful umbrellas, granaries, shy hotels, endless track.Refrigerator, colourful umbrellas stand for luxuries of life. Granaries symbolise shady workplaces.

Q.4 I celebrate the virtues and vices? ( Identify the figure of speech)

Ans: Paradox: Celebrating virtues is contrasting.
Antithesis: Opposite ideas Virtues and vices are put together.