Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.

Read the following sentences:

Sam eats mangoes. What does Sam eat? ‘mangoes’

Rahim kicked the ball. What did Rahim kick? ‘the ball’

The words ‘mangoes’ and the ‘ball’ are the objects of the verbs ‘ears’ and ‘ kicked’.

The verbs which have objects are called ‘Transitive Verbs;.

Now, read those sentences

The sun shines brightly.

The sun shines ... What? No Answer.

Water boils at 1000 C.

Water boils .... What? No Answer.

I. Transitive verb
Transitive verb is a verb that has an object.

Sam eats mangoes.
Please pass the salt.
You must obey the elders.
They sing songs in the assembly
The porter pulled a trolley.
The Govt. increased the price of petrol.
The principal ordered the boys to be silent.
I saw the accident with my own eyes.
The cat chased the mouse.
The shelf holds three books.
Latha sings a song.
The children like pictures.
Arjun reads a book.
Sheela writes a letter.
Time changes all things.
Shreya likes flowers.
The driver stopped the train.
Anuska spoke the truth.
She likes music.
I feel severe pain in my leg.

II. Intransitive Verb.
Intransitive verb is a verb, which does not have an object.

The sun shines brightly.
Water boils at 1000 C
Don’t play here.
Stars twinkle at night.
The library opens at 10 am..
The water level steadily increased in the dam.
The pencil broke into two.
The cat slid quietly under the desk.
I came last night.
The national flag is hoisted.
The sweets are distributed.
All are drawing.
Meena is singing.
The boys are playing the ground.
Nithya Shree sang nicely.
Let us go.
Stalin has come here.
The baby seems happy.
Johnny became a soldier.

The bell rang loudly.

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