OCM MOCK Paper for the year 2016

MARKS : 80      TIME : - 3 HRS.

Q.1 (A) Select the correct answer form the possible options given below and rewrite the statements:  5 Marks

1.      A Sole proprietorship is the ________form of organization.  (oldest, newest, modern)
2.      Business organisation should try to make ________ utilization of natural resources. (Minimum, Maximum, Optimum)
3.      In e-business, payments have to be made __________ (in cash, on credit, online)
4.      Unlimited goal of business must be satisfaction of ________ (Shareholders, consumers, owners)
5.      Principle of indemnity is not applicable to _____ (Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance, Life Insurance)
(B) Match the correct Pairs:         5 Marks

Group A
Group B
1. Sole Trading Concern
2. Co operative Society
3. Partnership firm.
4. Joint Hindu Family Firm
5. Public company

1. Single ownership
2.  Direction
3. Karta 
4. Minimum 7 members. 
5. Maximum 10 partners in non - banking business.
6. RBI
7. Maximum 20 partners in non - banking business.
8. Cash Payment. 
9. e- commerce
10. One member one vote.  

(C) Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute each of the following statements:    5 Marks

1.       Basic right of consumer. (Right to Safety) 
2.       The term derived from the terms e-mail and e-commerce. (e - business)
3.       Father of modern management. (F.W. Taylor)
4.       Indian philosopher who had promoted concept of social responsibility in ancient times. (chanakya, mauriya)
5.       A function of management that brings physical, financial and human resources together for better productivity. (Organising)

Q.2 Distinguish Between:     (Any three)       15 Marks

Q.3Write short notes:     (Any three)     15 Marks

2.       E-Banking
3.       Payment Mechanism
4.       Role of Transport
5.       Out sourcing

Q.4 State with Reasons whether the following statements are True or False: (Any three)       15 Marks

Q.5 Answer the Following:    (Any two)  10 Marks

3.       Consumer Responsibility


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