OCM Guess Paper March 2016 Board Exam

MARKS : 80      TIME : - 3 HRS.

Q.1 (A) 
Select the correct answer form the possible options given below and rewrite the statements:     5 Marks

1.      A Sole trading concern is __________ organisation. (Social, Government, Individual)
2.      In a joint Hindu Family firm, the liability of the Karta is ___________ (Unlimited, limited, Restricted)
3.      Credit or Debit Cards are popularly known as  ________money. (Paper, Plastic, Polymer)
4.     ___________  warehouse is essential for perishable goods.
(Cold storage, Hot storage, Normal Storage)
5.      Any person who does not agree with the decision of State Commission can appeal to the _________ (Supreme Court, High Court, National Commission

(B) Match the correct Pairs:     5 Marks

Group A
Group B
1.      Principle of Unity of command
2.     Maharashtra state co- operative Societies Act. 
3.       Partnership Act
4.       Principle of Equity
5.      Principles of Management

1.  1962    
2. Flexible in Nature
3. Directors
4. One man one Boss
5. One man Many Bosses. 
6. 1956
7. Employees must be paid fair wages.
8.  1960
9. Fair and equal treatment to all employees. 
10. 1932

(C) Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute each of the following statements:   5 Marks

1.       A consumer dispute redressal agency that handles claims above 20 lakh rupees. (State commission)
2.      The right of a consumer which allows him to express his views. (Right to be heard)
3.       A function rightly treated as essence of management. (Co - ordinating)
4.       Movement of the consumers against business malpractices. (Consumer Movement)
5.      A function where recruitment, selection, training, development etc, is done for the people. (Staffing)

Q.2 Distinguish Between:  (Any three)      15 Marks

5.       EntrepreneurV/S Manager

Q.3 Write short notes:    (Any three)  15 Marks

1.       Out Sourcing
2.       Rights of Consumer
3.       Function of Warehousing

Q.4 State with Reasons whether the following statements are True or False: (Any three) 15 Marks

Q.5 Answer the Following:   (Any two) 10 Marks

1.       Explain the Competencies of Entrepreneurship.                  

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