Farewell Speech

            I am Malhar Bhoite Malhar Bhoite-XII B I wrote this speech last night and the only thing I couldn’t find was the perfect opening line. Everything has been heard and said over the years. All I know, is that I stand here today, with a heavy heart. What does Vikhe Patil mean to me? It simply defines who I am.

I like to think of VPMS as a sculptor ,which takes in every year, a group of uncultured minds and sends out every year, a batch of refined individuals, each with a unique character and ambition for his/her life ahead. This difficult task of chiseling is done by our teachers. Today, being one of the outgoing students, I hope I make my teachers and school proud of me. The school has taught me so many skills and values that its not possible to list them down in one small speech. It has been an enriching and memorable journey of fourteen lovely years and being the Headboy this year. It’s a ruthless world out there! The elders say, people will not hesitate to trample you. but, I believe that along with the required skills, one needs to be a good human being to succeed professionally and personally.

            This, is what I have learnt here. It goes without saying, my life is not going to be the same without school. Being in school subjects you to a healthy routine and discipline. If you stray off the track ,there are always people who will guide back. In college, there is going to be no such support system. Each individual is on his own, and all of us have to face various challenges and make difficult decisions. That’s natural , but how you deal with it depends on how you have been moulded by your parents and school. I am confident that both have done an excellent job and I am ready to take on the world. Also, the kakas & Maushis keeping it spic & span and making it a pleasure to step into school every morning. I take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for teaching us not only the assigned curriculum but also enlightening us with the valuable lessons of life. next, the management of VPMS for showing us how to run the school with dignity and discipline and ofcourse ! I would like to thank my dear friends, some, who taught me what to do in life by being shining examples and some others, who taught me what not to do! A special thanks to all the teachers present here today for being a part of these final two years. Looking at them take a keen interest and excel in their respective subjects has always inspired me to pursue and master at least one, if not more of these subjects.

            All my teachers and friends have always been an integral part of my life and not seeing you all again gives me the shivers. I hope to remain in touch with each one of you all forever. I wish all my friends good luck for their future life and I pray that each one achieves his/her goals and dreams. I will miss each and every element of this school but at the same time, cherish the memories of my time spent here. I conclude with a heartfelt thank you and a tearful goodbye to everyone who has been a part of this wonderful journey and yes, even in this moment of sadness I am passing out as a Vikheite