Farewell Speech by our Std XII Students

            Good Evening! For the better part of my life, this school has been my second home, and it’s really hard to talk about 14 years of memories in one short speech. Now that we’re all here today, officially saying Goodbye to this school, our teachers & to each other, it finally dawns upon me what a big piece of my life I’m leaving behind.

            Some of you, I’ve known since forever and some of you, just a couple of years. You guys are some of the most amazing people I know and I’m going to miss you all. This past year, I have had the honour of being the head girl of this prestigious institute. I take immense pride in the fact that everyone has shown so much faith in me. All my teachers, every single one of them has played an important role in bringing me where I am today. Always ready to help, academics or otherwise, you are an integral part of me and I thank you for being there when I needed you. This big blue building means more to me than words can express .

            It saddens me now that I realize I will never be coming back here again. As much as it kills me to say this, Today is the day, today is the day we venture into the world. Today is the day we leave school. Today is the day we say goodbye. But don’t be dismayed at goodbyes ; a farewell is necessary before we Can meet again. Thank You