Conservation of Forest Essay


Gone are the days when the earth looked green and beautiful with a wide cover of trees and plants. “Today trees are cut down indiscriminately for firewood. It is calculated that about 1500 million people in the world use only wood for cooking. People who build houses utilize trees for timber, doors, windows and furniture. Match producing industries use up large quantities of timber. As a result the green earth is becoming sterile and barren.

Benefits from trees:

Trees give us food. They bring us rain. They bind together hillside soil and reduce soil erosion. The grains, fruits, seeds and leaves of plants are a source of nutrition. Some trees provide us medicinal substances. Trees give shade and shelter to wild animals and cattle.

Other Merits:

Trees serve as useful barriers around the fields. They are deflected from the fields. Cash crop provides us with fruits, oil, timber, latex and gum. They earn invaluable foreign exchange and give a great boost to the nation’s economy.


It is feared that the felling of trees bring about serious climatic changes. If the trees are wiped out, the amount of carbon dioxide  in air increases. This leads to the increase in temperature, called global warming. It is high time we took steps to protect trees. The use of wood in matches, boxes, timber and furniture should be replaced by plastic materials. We must make the earth green not only for ourselves but also for the welfare of the future generations.  

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