What are Clauses?

A Clause is a group of words that forms a part of a sentence, with a subject and a predicate of its own.

The Main Clause: The Main Clause gives the direct meaning with a finite verb.

Example: The mice will play

She has taken the permission.

The Subordinate Clause: Subordinate Clause does not give complete meaning. It always depend on main clause.

Example: When the cat is away.

Since Sangeetha attends the function.

Noun Clause : Noun Clause does the function of a noun in a sentence.

Example: Amin fears that he shall fail.

Babu relied that he would come.

Adjective Clause: Adjective clause does the function of an adjective which modifies the noun.

Example: I am the monarch of all I survey.

The dog which bites does not bark.

Adverb clause: An Adverb Clause does the function of an adverb which modifies the verb.

Example: You may sit wherever you like

He fled where his pursuers could not follow.

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