Conversation between father and son after getting very less marks in class 10th

Father – Dear today your SSC result will be out at 1 o clock. How do you feel what position will you get in this exam.

Son – Dad ,I did my best .I will get good marks.

Father – Only 10 minutes are left .You should visit the website Check the wifi connection.

Son – Ok Father .

Father –What is the result? Is it out?

Son – (In front of father ) Yes Dad. But, I am sorry I got very less marks in exams I got only 45%.

Father – What? How can you get so less marks .You know it very well that from this year the marks of 10th class are also considered to get admission in College .How could you do this?

Son-I am sorry dad .I know I could not perform according to your expectations .Please forgive me.

Father – Forgive you .Do you know how much money have I spent on your fee for your preparation? I provided you the best tuition classes for the preparation of science and math in the town.

Son – Yes dad I know but I am making you sure that from today I will start studying seriously for the Engineering and will definitely get a good college.

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