A Conversation Between A Mother And Daughter

Daughter: Mummy, are you my best friend?
Mum: Yes dear.
Daughter: But you are bigger than me?
Mum: Well I am the best person to talk to about anything, the best person to tell you what direction to take, the best person to help you up.
Daughter: But mum, how do you know so much?
Mum: Well you see, I came to this world before you, you might not experience things the way I did, especially with the gap of technology but some old ways can be adapted to the new.
Daughter: Did you ever get scared of your mum, I mean grandma?
Mum: Yes dear, she was like me and you but she also didn’t have all the experience I did, so when I did things she didn’t understand, she scolded me.
Daughter: Are you going to scold me?
Mum: Sometimes yes, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you, its only because at that time, I least expected what happened and yes, it depends on what you have done.
Daughter: Mummy do you love daddy?
Mum: Of cos I do.
Daughter: But you people argue, sometimes he comes to the sitting room and gets angry at me.
Mum: Laughing… Its normal for us to disagree and the way he gets angry, might not be the way I get angry at him but it doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. People disagree to agree.
Daughter: Oh ok.
Mum: Is there anything else you want to know?
Daughter: Can I come to you and tell you anything, even when am angry?
Mum: Sure, am your best friend remember; I have your back and you could teach me what you know.
Daughter: I thought you said you came into this world before me, what else do you want to know from me?
Mum: Well you see, we all know one thing more than the other; you understand your younger brother who is just one year old and I can’t- it feels like murmur to me
Daughter: Laughing
Mum: Well that’s how it is, no one person knows everything, I teach you and I learn. I have made mistakes before that I learned from and I won’t want you making them the same way or them at all.
Daughter: Can you tell me some of the mistakes?
Mum: Smiling… that’s for another day, lets go make dinner.

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