My Parents

Now, I stand before you to speak a few words about my parents.When I think of them their love for me, I wonder how lucky I am, An I know, you all will have the same things to share. It is always a blessing to have loving parents. They guide us on the right path.

We all are naughty. One way or other we trouble our parents. But do they hate us? No. They continue to love us all through the life. Whom do they live for? It is for us, their children. When I am sick they sit beside me. They console and relive me. In short, they are everything for me - my love and my life. And, I am sure your parents are also loving and caring.

As my parents continue to shower their love over me, I am a bit tensed. In fact, the tension is 'How to return the love and they give me?' And after much thought I have found some solutions for that problem. The first thing we have to do is to be obedient children. We should not be a problem for our parents. Moreover, we know that they tell us to do something only for our goodness.

I think we should also work hard to excel in our studies. They are spending a large amount of money for our education. Therefore, we should be more serious about it. We must build up a good character. We should excel in our studies and become successful persons. In fact, that will be greatest gift we could offer our loving parents. 

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