Books - My Friends.

A book is a collection of knowledge and wisdom I love to read lot of books. They give us a lot of information. they tell us what is good and what is wrong. In other words, good books are our best friends.

We should develop an interest in reading books. This quality should be developed from the very childhood. If we begin it now, it will be very helpful for the future. We will increase our knowledge. If you have knowledge and a good character, everybody will love and respect you.

Reading makes a man perfect. We all want to be perfect. So the best way is to make books your friends. Take a look at the great men and women in history. It can be easily understood that most of them had great love for books. So, it is a fact that reading plays a great role in life. They change the character and personality of an individual.

We should always have a personal library at home. We must buy some books that are useful. As we grow up, we should go on adding more books to it. We also have a very good library in our school. The books in the shelves are waiting for us. Let us go and be in friendship with them.

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