Read the following poem and answer the questions given below : (5 Marks)

B.1. Choose the correct alternative.
(i) ________________ pleases the children.
(a) Cottage cheese (b) Tomato (c) A rare dish
(ii) They will ask for more of ______________
(a) Ice-cream (b) cottage cheese (c) chocolate cake

Tomatoes, onions, peppers, fish,
Garlic nor cottage cheese;
Oh, it's a dish uncommon rare
That truly seems to please.
No red sauce may the ice cream have,
"It's bleeding," they will say;
And gravely hand it to their mum
To take it clean away.
But let us speak of chocolate cake,
It must be frosted o'er;
Then they'll devour three full slabs,
And calmly ask for more.
Oh, I do so always love to eat
With picky little pests,
Whose parents joy to make them
The most undesirable guests!

B.2. Why are the children called undesirable guests ?

B.3. Write the words from the passage which rhyme with the following.

(i) cheese (ii) say
(iii) o'er (iv) pests


B.1. (i) (c) A rare dish
(ii) (c) chocolate cake

B.2. The kids are little brats who always keep complaining about the food served to them and are very choosy about the food they want to eat. All the healthy food served to them is a strict no-no. These picky, whining and persnickety nature of the kids turns them into  undesirable guests.

B.3. (i) please (ii) away (iii) more (iv) guests

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