Read the following poem and answer the questions given below : (5 Marks)

A.1. Choose the correct alternative.

(i) We should treat chance and opportunities ___________.
(a) with fear (b) with money (c) boldly and happily

(ii) We must make money but _____________.
(a) hold friends (b) gain it to the (c) not use it

It's doing your job the best you can,
And being just to your fellow man;
It's making money - but holding friends, And being true to your
aims and ends.
It's figuring how and learning why,
And looking forward and thinking high;
And dreaming a little and doing much,
It's keeping always in closest touch.
With what is finest in word and deed,
It's being through, yet making speed;
It's daring blithely the field of chance,
While making labour a brave romance.
A.2. Look at the line, 'With what is finest in word and deed?' What message of life do you get in this line?

A.3. Match the following.
(i) holding (a) much
(ii) doing (b) high
(iii) making (c) friends
(iv) thinking (d) speed


A.1. (i) (c) boldly and happily
(ii) (a) hold friends

A.2. We should be our best in all that we say and do, i.e. we should put in maximum efforts in every way no matter what the situation is.

A.3. (i - c), (ii - a), (iii - d), (iv - b)

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