Read the following poem and answer the questions given below : (5 Marks)

B.1. State whether the following statements are true or false.

(i) As a nation, we need to shower our love and respect on the elderly.

(ii) We should let the young generation guide our course.

"Oh the value of the elderly! How could anyone not know?
They hold so many keys, so many things they can show.
We all will reach the other side this I firmly believe
And the elderly are closest oh what clues we could retrieve.
For their characters are closest to how we’ll be on high.
They are the ones most developed, you can see it if you try.
They’ve let go of the frivolous and kept things that are dear.
The memories of so sweet, of loved ones that were near.
As a nation we are missing our greatest true resource,
To get to know our elders and let them guide our course."

B.2. What memories do the elders let go of and what do they retain ?

B.3. “Oh the value of the elderly!
How could any one not know ?”

Which figure of speech do we come across in this line ?


B.1. (i) True
(i) False

B.2. The elders let go of frivolous things and they retain things that are dear to them.

B.3. The figure of speech we come across here are exclamation and interrogation.

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