Read the following poem and answer the questions given below : (5 Marks)

B.1 Complete the following. [2]

(i) We replenish ourselves for ___________ .
(ii) We choose not to care for _____________ .

Tell me is it right
That we sleep well at night
Replenishing ourselves
For tomorrow's greedy fight
There lie abundant rivers with pollution
There fly multiple clouds with contamination
And when good food goes to waste
The valleys of the earth bury their paste

Our world is an institution
Of environmental pollution
We choose not to care
For our future generations
And I for one am guilty
For buying the hundreds of electronic gadgets
That attracts the industries to produce like maggots
Environmental pollution is at the heart of our planet

B.2. What is the message conveyed through the poem? [2]
B.3. Give the rhyme scheme of the extract. [1]


B.1. (i) tomorrow’s greedy fight
(ii) our future generations

B.2. Due to our heavy dependence on electronic products, the pollution level has increased at an alarming rate. This is now endangering every living species on earth, be it plants, animals, or mankind.

B.3. The rhyme scheme of the given extract is irregular.

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