Write a story with the title: “Richness is not everything”

1. Describe how your new attitude to wealth surprised your father.
2. Describe your former expensive habits and attitude to wealth.
3. Describe how you used to enjoy showing off your wealth to your friends.
4. Describe how you arranged for a grand party and how you were let down.
5. Describe why your friends did not go for the party and how you realized that richness is not everything.

Today, I declined to be driven to school. My father, a prosperous businessman, seemed rather puzzled at this change in me. Instead of my usual expensive gear, I wore an ordinary pair of school shoes and carried a simple haversack. Little did he know hat it took a painful incident for me to realize that richness is not everything.

I used to enjoy being driven to school in my father’s limousine. I enjoyed showing off my collection of Gucci and Charles Jordan watches and bag to my friends. I thought that I could buy friendship with my wealth.

I decided to host a fabulous party for my birthday. I invited all my classmates. My parents decided to go out on that day so that we youngsters could enjoy ourselves to the fullest. I arranged with the chef to prepare the most exquisite dishes for the banquet. The roof garden, where the party was to be held, was transformed into a fantasy land, with a myriad of colored lights. Three waiters were stationed at intervals, from the main gate to the front door where I would greet my friends in my best tuxedo.

My birthday, however, turned out to be a terrible flop. Not a single friend whom I had invited, turned up! I felt greatly humiliated and infuriated. I could not for the world of me, imagine why they would not want to come to such a fabulous party.

Yesterday, I stormed into class, and demanded why they had all failed to attend my party. One of my friends, Jainwei, explained on behalf of the whole class. He said that they would have loved to celebrate my birthday with me. However, they were intimidated by my wealth. They could not afford to bring me expensive gifts. Besides, they did not like having to be on their best behavior all the time. I was shocked. Never had I realized that my wealth was driving away my friends.
I spent the whole day yesterday thinking. Finally, it dawned on me that I myself, and not my wealth, should attract friends. Today, as I head for school, I feel like a changed person-simple, ordinary and unaffected. Richness is not everything.

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