Write a story with the title: “Revenge!”

1. Describe how Jinsheng and you planned to take revenge on your principal because he had punished you in public.
2. Describe what plan both of you decided on and how you executed it.
3. Describe how you waited behind a tree to watch the planned accident.
4. Describe how Jinsheng and you were hurt instead.
5. Describe how you felt after the incident.

“We must take revenge on that fat old man!”, Jinsheng snarled.

“Yes, we must!” I agreed enthusiastically. “I will never forgive him for publicly humiliating us.”

Mr. Singaram, our principal, had hit us with a cane on stage, for vandalizing school property. Both of us thought that it was too harsh a punishment. We had only broken the fire alarm glass, hoping that the disturbance would disrupt lessons. Unfortunately, we were caught by our teacher before we could flee from the scene.

“I know, we’ll cut the wires of the brakes of his car,” I said.

“Oh, yes!” Jinsheng said, “If he dies, he’ll never be able to punish us. And if he runs over someone else, he’ll be thrown into prison.”

We executed our plan the next day during our free period. Jinsheng had some knowledge about cars, for his father was a mechanic. He slipped agilely under the car, snipped the brake wire, taped it up, and was on his feet again, in only three minutes. I had stood watch, to ensure nobody saw us.

That evening, after the flag lowering ceremony, we took a short cut to the main road junction. We hid behind a tree and waited for the red Honda. Soon, we saw Mr. Singaram driving towards the function. The traffic lights changed to red and from afar, we could see him struggling to brake. A women and a child were crossing the road. The car swerved abruptly and sped towards the tree behind which were hiding! I heard a loud crash.

I regained consciousness in hospital and later learnt that Mr. Singaram’s car had hit the tree. It was uprooted by the impact and fill on Jinsheng and me. Both of us were seriously injured and we had to wear a cast on our arms for almost two months.

The police never found out who had tampered with the brake wires of Mr. Singaram’s car. Mr. Singaram was using his seat belt and therefore sustained only slight injures. The woman and the child escaped unharmed.

Jinsheng and I never told anyone about or part in the accident. However, we knew that the accident was not a coincidence, but a fitting punishment for our heinous intention.

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