Speech Regarding TREE PLANTATION

Respected Principal, Teachers, members of the staff and fellow students !

I am very happy to see all of you here today for the inauguration of the local School Garden which will be accomplished only after a tree planting ceremony. We have with us plenty of saplings that have been donated by you. I am here to speak on ‘Tree plantation’. You know how greatly beneficial trees are! They, in fact, sustain our lives. Just imagine, if they had not provided us with oxygen or with food, fuel, furniture, fruits, herbs, houses for birds, what kind of life it would have been? Well, there wouldn’t have been life at all. 

Just planting the saplings and letting nature to take care of the rest will not help. It is our duty as good dedicated citizens to look after these saplings and water them. Besides this, trees cause rains which are as necessary as air. They give us a beautiful landscape and help in the ecological balance of nature. You can imagine the surface of the moon. Our earth would be like that without trees – lifeless, colourless, lustreless. We are here because of them. We must therefore start valuing them. In the past trees were planted by kings and nawabs on roads, around palaces and in gardens. In the modern times local governments have been planting them on roads and in parks. In the future people shall plant them almost everywhere on vacant spaces. Our disregard for trees has borne us with sour fruits. See the effects of deforestation and increasing urbanization. Environmental pollution is their result. Global warming, or the Green House effect have caused drought conditions in many parts of the world. Undoubtedly many states in our country are reeling under scanty rainfall. If we are really serious about the value of tree plantation due to these reasons, it becomes our urgent duty to plant more and more trees on every available inch of land. It is the need of the hour that something should be done to restrain the increasing environmental degradation by planting more trees and implementing various laws to check tree felling. If something is not done soon, the damage to our biosphere will be difficult to repair.