Respected Principal, teachers and friends !

I regret to say that cruelty towards animals has reached alarming levels nowadays. This is clear from the fact how a weak and skinny bull pulls the cart loaded with tons of weight. The cart owner mercilessly beats it and prods at its thin body with his stick. Similarly, there are numberless deserted animals like cows, dogs, camels and donkeys roaming on the roads. Many of them have open wounds. Some are so diseased that looking at them reveals the ill treatment given to them by the human beings. The bones in their skeletons can easily be counted. Then they are beaten by their owners if they do not move. This indeed is a sorry tale of the indifference of the owners towards these domestic animals. I feel shocked to see how badly these animals are treated.

Animal life forms an indistinguishable part of human life. Animals render inexplicable service to man. But we are so callous towards them that we don’t bother about their welfare. There are hospitals for them. Yet the owners don’t bother to take care of them in times of illness. I urge the authorities to take strict action against the owners who ill-treat them.

Man is also responsible for killing certain endangered species like whales and polar bears for their meat, skin and fat. People have grown richer by selling the dead bodies of the whales. These are used for making skin creams, cosmetics, bath essence, detergents, pieces of jewellery, etc. Conservation of such species is very important, or else they would soon be on the brink of extinction. The situation has become so grim that we cannot turn our eyes away. So let us all pledge to save animals from being ill-treated.