Write down the steps to create a blog.

Ans. An HTML editor can be used to create blogs and send them to a web server using FTP.

Alternatively, there are many free online blog software (or blog wares) to create and post blogs. e.g. Blogger, Word Press, Type Pad, Drupal, etc.

      Steps to create and post blogs using goole1`s Blogger are as follows:


(1)   Log on to the Internet and go to the free blogging website, http: //www.blogger.com.

(2)   If you  have a Google Account, sign in with your Google email ID and password, and

Click the `Sign In` button Else, click the `SIGN UP’ button to create a new Google Account.


                        If you are creating a new Google Account you will be asked to fill your name, username, password, date of birth and the CAPTCHA image displayed.


(3)   On the next page, chose between a Google+  profile or a limited profile. And people to your circles whom you want to follow and finally your photograph.

(4)    On the next page (called the Blogger Dashboard), click on the `NEW blog` button.

(5)   In the window that opens, enter a title and address (URL) for your blog.  The

Address could be the blog title itself if it a single word and if it has not been already used by someone else.


Choose a template; you can change the template and customize your blog later.


(6)   Click the `Create blog!` button.

(7)   On the next page, you will see the title of your newly created blog with the message, ``Your Blog has been created!  Start posting/Dismiss``

(8)   Click on the `Start posting` link, or the `Create new post` button to compose.  Preview your post, save, publish and close the composing window.  Click the `View blog` button to view it.

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