Define blog and explain various type of blog.

Ans. The term blog is formed from  weblog. It is a personal diary space of a user at a website to chronicle articles  ideas and opinions. A blog is set up like a conventional website,  bat with ne stand.  And characteristic : the posting.  Blog posting are text entries which include posting date, similar  to diary or journal. But appear in reverse chronological order i.e. the most recent post appears first.  Postings are often short and frequently  updated.  Visitors to blog site  are free to view and comment on the posts.  A blog may include news, facts, digital media, links to other web articles and comments by visitors.




(1)Personal Blogs :  This traditional and most common types of blog is an ongoing diary or commentary by an individual, usually to reflect on life or works of art.

(2)Business Blogs : These are of two types (1)  Organizational Blogs, Which are used internally within an organization to enhance inter organizational communication and (2) Corporate blogs, which are used externally for marketing purposes.

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