State the implications of ICT in education.

Ans:-  Education is the lifelong activity that can no longer be confined to schools and colleges. The  trend  towards an information based society with widespread use Of Information and communication Technology  (ICT)  is expected to shape the Learning process and learning environment in the future some of the implication of ICT in education are as follows.

1)    ICT- enabled learning will be crucial in acquiring up-to-date knowledge. And new skills to remain socially competitive.

2)    ICT can provide different and better learning options, and thus make self-learning Faster and more interesting.

3)    ICT enables “anytime, anywhere” learning.  It can provide the learner the flexibility to Choose to time pace and place to learn.

4)    ICT  can overcome physical and geographical barriers to connect learning individuals to share  ICT literacy and ICT skills are necessary for employment, self-development and active participation in modern society.  To live in this digitalised and networked society, the new generation need to learn the technologies involved in ICT, and the skills to operate them.

5)   Lectures by excellent teacher from all over the world can be brought to classrooms anywhere in the world using modern communication technologies.

6)   Students in a classroom can directly interact with scientists and discuss on real life issues and problems.

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