Why did the Fascist Italy become an aggressive nation?

1)       Mussolini established Fascist Party in 1919.
2)       In order to get public support he started to give assurances through different public programmes.
3)       He ensured the distressed Italian masses that he would revive the reputation of Italy and get them a bright future.
4)       He also condemned the communist theories to win the hearts of the capitalists.
5)       The Fascist Party was actually a combating unit with its activities in black uniform and a bunch of sticks with an axe in the middle being its symbol which intended to show the strength.
6)       Fascists believed in the principle that "Nation is greater than individual".
7)       Fascism also aimed at integrating the Italian people in Europe.
8)       Fascism aimed at recapturing the part of Fiume and the regions of Africa.
Thus, Fascist Italy became an aggressive nation