How did Hitler acquire power in Germany?

1)       Adolf Hitler increased the popularity of the Nazi Party by using assurances and wild promised to people.
2)       He ensured the property of middle class people.
3)       He promised to save the educated and capitalists from the clutches of communism.
4)       The jobless were provided jobs and the nation was enhanced through patriotism.
5)       In 1933 election, Nazi party won many seats in German parliament.
6)       But Hitler wanted total power, so within a few months, having put down all opponents, Nazi party gathered a huge majority.
7)       On the basis of the majority, Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany.
8)       Next year, he combined the positions of Prime Minister and President and assumed complete power.

9)       He set up a centralized government by dissolving the federal status of Germany and became the dictator in Germany.