Types of Retail Services?


1.       Bill Mail: -Communication in the form of financial statement, bills, monthly accounts Bills or any such other items of similar nature may be posted by services provider to customer at least once in 90 days under this service.

2.       Retail Post: -Retail Post includes services like collection of electricity bills, telephone bills, insurance premium, collection of taxes and fees for the government, etc. further under Retail Post, the post office sell 'application forms of UPSC, SSC, AFMC, Universities, etc., thus providing convenience to the common man in getting applications for various examinations.

3.    E-Payment: -The most convenient way to pay bills under one roof. India Post specializes in acceptance of payment across the counter. E-Payment is 'Money to One' service through which bills i.e. telephone, electricity, ICICI, etc are paid by customers in post offices