Give any four reasons of the Second World War.

There were several reasons for the outbreak of Second World War. The main reasons can be listed as follows:
1)       Global Economic crisis: -After the First World War, almost all the nations in the world witnessed a total collapse of economy. The economic system of the world was under severe stress with various problems like inflation, unemployment, etc. which was worsened by Great Depression of 1929. The grave (serious) discontent among people prepared the background for Second World War.

2)       Rise of Military Dictatorship: -The democratic government which was established in several states after the First World War was proved to be weak, inefficient and incapable of handling the political and economic crisis. In contrast, the despots like Mussolini and Hitler were able to solve contemporary issues through military means. This gave rise to military dictatorship causing international conflict.

3)       The Peace treaty and Regional Transformation: -The humiliating terms of the peace treaties deeply hurt the pride of Germany while Italy felt deceived as her expectations were not fulfilled. Japan was also disappointed by the inferior treatment. Al these developments contributed to aggressive nationalism.

4)       The Failure of League of Nations: -League of Nations which set up with the intention of maintaining global peace through collective responsibility failed to curb growing militarism. The weaker nations fell a victim to the aggressive nations like Italy, Germany and Japan. Since League was helpless in handling these nations, Second World War became inevitable (expected).

5)       Extreme Nationalism and Pursuit of Weapons: -The nationalist Europe believed in protecting one's self respect by highest sacrifice. This gave rise to a stream of activities like secret agreements, false propaganda, etc. growing insecurity compelled the nations to increase military strength by inventing more destructive weapons. As a result, the situation in Europe became explosive leading to the outbreak of Second World War.