Write about Kemal Pasha's development policy in Turkey.

1)       Before Kemal Pasha's reign, Turkey was known as an Islamic nation.
2)       The Sultan had complete control over religious and political sectors.
3)       Kemal Pasha, after coming to power, declared Turkey to be a secular nation.
4)       He began reforming the conservative and superstitious people of the nation by bringing in modern dress code, registration of marriage, declaration of Sunday to be the weekly holiday instead of Friday.
5)       Education was freed from the religious restrictions and modernized by the introduction of various branches of science.
6)       Women were allowed to attain education and enter job field.
7)       He followed the Western judicial system by appointing judges on the basis of merit.
8)       As Turkey was an agricultural nation, efforts were made for improvement in agriculture.
9)       Farmers were taught modern scientific techniques of farming at various agricultural colleges.
10)   Seeds and fertilizers were provided to the farmers by the government.
11)   Thus, Turkey became independent in food grain production.
In this way, Turkey became a developing nation under Kemal Pasha